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Expense management system

Benefits of Record Expenses

The following are the expenses benefits in Shadobooks CRM:

➟ Fewer delays and errors,

➟ Greater operational efficiency,

➟ Greater visibility,

➟ Simplified reporting,

➟ Greater compliance.

➟ Integrated with both the sales and purchase modules

Direct Expenses

➟ Direct expenses are expenses that a corporation can easily link to a specific "cost item," which could be a product, department, or project.

➟ This category may contain software, equipment, and raw materials.

➟ It can also involve labour, assuming the labour is specific to the product, department, or project.

Expense management system

Indirect Expenses

➟ Indirect expenses are those that cannot be determined directly within a given product or service.

➟ Indirect expenses include the costs of maintaining and running a business.

➟ These overhead costs are once left over the direct costs have been computed further.

Expense management system

Expense management system

Overview and How to Record expenses in shadobooks CRM

➟ To add a new expense, select Expenses ⇢ Record Expense from the side menu.

➟ Fill out the details in the expenses form and save it.

➟ You can assign tasks to newly created expenses and attach 'expense receipts' as well.

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