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HR Management

We ShadoBook gain a clear perspective, manage all contacts from one location, and improve relationships. Our HR management team will handle and do the necessary things for all employees.


HR & Payroll

Our HR payroll is responsible for handling the financial compensation of those employees and the method by which they are paid and HR primary responsibility is to take employee interactions.



We ShadoBook CRM tool bring all of your accounting operations into a single, security helps to manage your finance. With CRM tools, you can build world-class on boarding experiences, collaborate in real-time across teams, and provide world-class customer experiences that adapt to the client's needs. Every form of accounting organization can use our solutions.



Our IT and Support team revolves around the client file to know about customer reviews. All of our customer's appointments, tasks, call notes, service agreements, product uses, letters, opportunities, support requests, bills, and projects will be displayed to you in a matter of seconds and arranged chronologically.



Our CRM software keeps track of the company's possibilities to maximize potential sales. You handle leads using opportunities from the initial point of contact until the sale's completion. Our estimates and reports on the potential for sales can be generated instantly.



Our Shadobook CRM tool to create short remainder to know the scheduled task is done within the given time. This makes our IT and Support analyzes the job and finishes it within time.



You can manage communication entirely within ShadoBook CRM. You used to send emails, link emails to CRM records, and gain insight into emails.



Our CRM tool has flowcharts that show the ups and downs of customer satisfaction, which helps to clear the issue based on the customer requirements.



Our sales representatives can convert more leads in less time and with less work, thanks to a complete set of lead management solutions for companies of all sizes and sorts. We look at some of the standard methods you may use to achieve sales success with the ShadoBook lead management system, from lead creation through conversion and analysis.



Our timesheet directly connected to the customer record will guarantee better visibility into task management. Our service providers may easily keep track of the time spent with a particular customer.


Staff Workload

There is little room for error while working in sales and marketing. We ShadoBook have a staff workflow that increases productivity during business hours by completing repetitive activities for you.



With a comprehensive knowledge base on a customer portal, we give customers a high-quality, high-touch experience while cutting the cost of customer care.



Our CRM tool provides an efficient project management accounting is allocating working hours to projects. For both customers and projects, we ShadoBook provides an intelligent time-tracking capability that keeps track of information, including hourly rates, estimated time to completion, remaining time, budget, and material and outside costs.



Our CRM tool helps to know the vacancies for your IT and Support services. We provide all employees with the required knowledge to enhance business operations and make better decisions.



We ensure that the workspace is efficient, incorporates third-party data, and provides agents with visibility into the tasks being worked on by other teams to enable them to assist clients and resolve their problems.



Our ShadoBook CRM tool used to check all the utilities in IT and Support and we provide with smooth, quick, and innovative experiences to your stakeholders.

Why choose us ?

Managing tasks effectively

We ShadoBook make task management incredibly quick and straightforward. With this, all necessary tasks are kept in view and prompt notifications support task completion within the allotted time.

App-based access to your customers

Our ShadoBook allows all your clients to access information with a single click and a uniform view from anywhere at any time.

Role-based Client Data Access

For task cooperation, ShadoBook allows role-based access to client data. We enable teams to work remotely to complete the task, increasing team visibility and productivity.

Bird-eye View all of the reports

Our CRM tool has quickly provides results in forms like a spreadsheet, word document, or even pdf file, depending on your needs, assisting in making rapid yet informed decisions.



A tool known as customer relationship management is used to handle all interactions and relationships between your business and its clients. The goal is straightforward to maintain business connections. CRM systems help companies maintain client contact, facilitate procedures, and increase profitability.

CRM is a business strategy, not a technological or software-based solution. CRM has more alters with customer experiences. The company provides by focusing more intently and intelligently on its customers which is more essential for IT and Support services.

Three steps are involved in developing a CRM strategy: setting the destination, assessing the current condition, and planning the route to the destination.

Your sales leads may be sorted, analyzed, and prioritized by a CRM so your sales staff can concentrate on opportunities. This is likely to close and give customers correct responses quickly and effectively, and your customer care team gets the data they need for cross-selling and up-selling.

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