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Why Shadobooks !

Shadobooks offers a range of features and tools within its ERP system for efficient business management.

Optimize your business effortlessly using Shadobooks ERP—streamline operations, gain insights, and outshine your competitors. Get started now!


Our Company

Shadobooks is an up-to-date information and innovative solutions company that provides a range of software products and services to help businesses manage their operations more efficiently.

Accounting Software

Complete financial management tools, including accounting, invoicing, project management, and workflow automation.

Project Management

Get extensive assistance throughout the project lifecycle, from start, planning, quoting, exceptions, and completion.

HR Management

Simplify HR tasks with a versatile system for employee records, payroll, and overall workforce management.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory tasks with one software for order management, inventory tracking, and warehouse oversight.

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