Our Features


You can go beyond conventional procurement methods and recover stability in your purchasing decisions while always having the stock you require, maximizing fulfillment. Our proactive intelligence services provide accurate forecasting, allowing you to access all your data and determine stock levels.


Identify business opportunities with potential and current clients based on the product line, revenue growth, and business demands. We ShadoBook offers sales possibilities in our CRM tool to achieve precise forecasting and pipeline management.


Our customers are the most or least profitable by integrating our CRM tool with all orders and accounting, then deciding which customers need and spending some on their requirements.


Our ShadoBook CRM tool may coordinate their approach to clients and instantly improve customer service. We offer access to complete purchase history and customer actions.

Lead reports

View the facts and information to see to perform your job correctly. Our CRM tool helps in lead reporting, which illuminates rather than perplexes. We provide practical, insightful, and meaningful sales metrics.


Our CRM tool helps to update your daily expenses based on your billing and entry details. We ensure that sales and marketing plans are entirely optimized and understand the specific performance data of each store and shopping channel.


Due to the lack of real-time data, our CRM tool makes it easier to determine the overall performance and increases the pressure on workers to complete their daily tasks. We gain complete and accurate stock visibility across your stores, online sales platforms, offices, and warehouses to maximize sales prospects.

Why choose us?

An adaptable system

You can select one or more items, whether related to sales, marketing, or service, depending on your present or changing needs. Our ShadoBook CRM tool can grow with your company by being adaptable.

System support

Our CRM application supports all crucial sales, marketing, and customer service processes and enables you to customize these activities to each client's connection with your business.

Interaction with customers

In order to create excellent client experiences round-the-clock, we ShadoBook CRM tool offers a Customer Engagement Platform that comprises several tools for creating various self-service alternatives for your consumers.

Individual Productivity

For customer-facing users, our ShadoBook CRM offers practical work tools to carry out everyday, repetitive chores, boost productivity, and communicates with coworkers by simply exchanging documents, diaries, emails, projects, and much more.




What is CRM software in retail?

A tool known as customer relationship management is utilized to manage all interactions and relationships between your company and its customers. The purpose is straightforward: to boost business relations. CRM systems help companies maintain customer contact, facilitate procedures and increase profitability.


Do retailers use CRM?

For brick-and-mortar and online retailers, customer relationship management software provides solutions for managing products and inventory and handling orders and payments.


What are the CRM goals for the retail and wholesalers industry?

A CRM system's primary goal is to improve the customer experience. The most dependable strategy to attain success for your organization is to carry out this goal. When you improve customer happiness, the primary purpose of your CRM, all other plans serve to advance this goal.


Why is a retail company's relationship with its clients so meaningful?

Your company's financial health is closely related to your relationship with your consumers. Retaining quality, long-term clients and fostering excellent customer relationships will increase revenue through repeat business.

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