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What are Web Hooks ?

➟ Shadobooks CRM supports multiple action hooks across the code to provide the greatest experience for buyers.

➟ Webhooks are a helpful tool for businesses that want to execute code in response to a particular event.

➟ Webhooks are most commonly used by web application platforms.

➟ The goal is that vendors will find it simple to integrate.
New Webhook
How to Create a New Webhook ?

To create a new webhook in Shadobooks CRM,

➟ Go to General Section ⇢ Webhooks ⇢ Webhooks to establish a new webhook.

➟ On the Webhooks page, click the New Webhook button.

➟ Fill out all of the required parameters on the New Webhook page.

➟ Click Save.
Log History
What is Log History ?

➟ Using the webhook logs, you can keep track of all activity in Shadobooks CRM.

➟ Webhook logs provide a record of every webhook attempt made by our system, as well as information on the call's success or failure.

➟ Companies can monitor the status of their Manufacturing Process and get alerts on the calibre of their products. A company can track its sales operations and gather client information with the use of the POS function, which can then be linked to web hooks for improved tracking and analysis.
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