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➟ ShadobooksERP offer HR management tools for tracking employee information, including hiring and onboarding processes.

➟ With ShadobooksERP, you have the ability to oversee job listings, recruitment, candidate selection, interview sessions, and assess the performance of new hires.

➟ The hiring dashboard can help streamline and simplify the recruitment process, making it easier to find and hire the best candidates.

Recruitment management software


➟ Quick and easy overview of the recruitment campaign, including the campaign's name, the position, the type of employment, the department, the number of positions, and the current status of the campaign.

➟ Help to identify the campaign, the position, the recruitment process and the current status of the recruitment campaign.

➟ Can be used to filter and search for specific campaigns, positions and department

Recruitment management software

Candidate Profile

➟Track and organize candidate information using unique identifier (Candidate code)

➟Communicate and schedule interviews using candidate's contact information (name, email, phone number)

➟ Understand candidate's stage in hiring process and make decisions (Status)

➟ Ensure smooth and efficient hiring process

Recruitment management software

Interview Schedule

➟ Specific recruiting campaign or job listing for which the interview is being scheduled (Hiring campaign)

➟Job position for which the candidate is being interviewed (Position)

➟ The information is used to schedule and organize interviews for candidates and also to track the performance of recruiting campaigns using Shadobook ERP.

Recruitment management software

Hiring Channels

➟ Form builder and Form information: Tool for creating and designing forms easily and efficiently.

➟ Can create various forms such as surveys, registration forms, contact forms

➟ Includes drag-and-drop functionality, templates, and customization options.

➟ Allows for easy distribution and data collection

Recruitment management software

Hiring Portal

➟ Search by specific skills

➟Search by job title

➟ Search by experience level

➟ Search by location

➟ Search by company,etc.

Recruitment management software


➟ Hiring Slots are periods of time that can be booked for venues in sheepSpaces, supporting multiple venues, restrictions and bespoke pricing.

Recruitment management software
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