Automate Your Sales Process with our Lead Management System
Lead management system

In Shadobook ERP, the lead page is shown when you click the lead module. Here we have the options to add a new lead, import a lead, filter options, and also the list form of generated leads.It allows utilities providers to capture important customer information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, which can be used for future marketing and communication efforts.
Lead management system

Add New Lead

➟ In this add new lead window, you need to select the details such as status, source, and assigned.

➟ You need to enter the field name such as name, address, position, city, email address, state, company, etc.

➟ Click the save button to add the new task.

Import Leads

➟ In Shadobook ERP, when you click the import lead button, the import page will open.

➟ To import lead, select the csv file, status, source, responsible.

➟ Click the import button or simulate import button to import the selected file.

Lead management system
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