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Creating and Organizing Data

Inventory management system

New File: Simple Excel file creation allows you to begin working with data and spreadsheets.

Inventory management system

Add Folder: Create folders to organize and group related files for efficient data management.

Collaborating and Sharing

Inventory management system

Share: Collaborate with others by sharing your Excel files, controlling permissions for viewing and editing.

Inventory management system

Related: For easy navigation and information retrieval, access a list of related files or documents.

Streamlining Navigation

Inventory management system

Expand All: Expand nested folders and subfolders instantly to show their contents for simple viewing.

Inventory management system

Collapse All: Simplify the folder structure and condense the view by collapsing subfolders.


Inventory management system

Utilizing Shared Folders: Access and navigate through folders shared with you by others.

All in Shared Folders: Expand subfolders within shared folders to explore their contents.

Collapse All in Shared Folders: Condense the view by collapsing subfolders within shared folders.

Benefits of ShadoBooks ERP's Excel Manager

With ShadoBooks ERP's Excel Manager, you can efficiently create and organise data, collaborate and share, have rapid access to related files, navigate more easily, and manage shared folders. These advantages improve the ERP system's data handling and productivity.

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