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Create estimate request form

➟ The first step is to create an estimate request form; you may create an unlimited number of estimate request forms in Shadobooks CRM.

➟ To do so, navigate to Setup ⇢ Estimate requestForms ⇢ New form. Fill out the form with your information and save it.

Estimates management software

Set status to form

After successfully entering the Shadobooks CRM database, the estimate request must be in status. To change a form's state, navigate to Setup-Estimate request ⇢ Statuses ⇢ New status. Save the status by entering its name and colour.

Estimate request Report

➟ Estimate request reports are used to track estimate forms and provide an overview of all estimate’s forms created in a specific time period.

➟ The way to get the overall Estimate request reports by, go to Addon management-Estimate request.

➟ On the estimate request page, you may find a list of forms.

➟ It offers an array of reports related to project progress, contracts, budgets, variances, forecasting, and expenses.

Estimates management software

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