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Our Sub-Modules on Attendance & Shifts


➟ Shadobooks ERP’s Attendance system enables self-check-in and check-out for employees, accessible from any location.

➟ HR managers can effortlessly review employee attendance records through the system.

➟ Employees also have the convenience of managing their attendance.

ERP Document Management
ERP Document Management


➟ Shadobooks ERP's leave module facilitates efficient management of organizational leave schedules, enabling HR managers to create Leave Allocation based on the Company's Leave Policy.

➟ Employees can submit leave requests, which their managers can either approve or reject.

Work Shift Table

➟ This module enables HR managers to access and monitor newly assigned shifts for employees.

➟ Employees can also view their assigned shifts in the work shift table using the software.

➟ HR manager can utilize the filter option provided by the software to view new shift assignments based on staff, department, or role.

ERP Document Management
ERP Document Management


➟ HR managers can easily assign new shifts to employees using our shift module.

➟ They can conveniently create shift templates with designated start and end dates.

➟ Our software facilitates efficient team schedule management.

Shift Categories

➟ This module facilitates the classification of employee work shifts, including day, night, weekend, and customized patterns.

➟ The HR manager can establish new shift categories based on start/end times, lunch breaks, and assign distinct colors.

➟ Our system allows for the creation of tailored shift categories to suit specific company requirements.

ERP Document Management


Inventory management system

To utilize the Attendance & Shifts feature for employees, certain configurations must be set up, including:

➟ Leave norms and types

➟ IP allowlisting and attendance settings.

➟ Time sheet and approval configurations

➟ Permissions and holiday schedules.

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